Junior Booster Club

The Junior Booster Club celebrated all the hard work they put into the Fall Snack Shack Season at the Knights of Columbus. We had some food, "watched" a movie, and played games. A fun night was had by all! Thank you to the Junior Boosters for all their hard work. Looking forward to the Winter Season!

Junior Booster Club Bowling Night!

Christmas Monday at FPM

We got a visit from the North Pole as the Jolly Old Elf himself teamed up with our mascot, the Junior Boosters, and a group of FPM carolers to spread some holiday cheer at halftime of the Lady Knight’s game against Wantagh on December 17.
There was a tee shirt toss, free candy canes, and a free holiday basket raffle chock full of goodies and FPM merchandise. The basket was won by a Wantagh parent who, in the spirit of the season, gave his prize to one of the home team fans.

Junior Booster Club Takes on NYC!

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Ripley’s ‘Believe it or Not!’, dinner at Playwrights…who’s better than them? The Junior Booster Club painted the town red last Friday to celebrate another successful season. A great time was had by all!

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Get your Booster Boooooooooo

Free Hot Chocolate for All!

On Wednesday, October 31st, we handed out 10 gallons of hot chocolate, and 3 containers of whipped cream.  That equals 120 cups of hot chocolate for the FPM students.  All were happy as they headed out to do their trick-or-treating.  We also handed out yummy cake pops.  The whole event was over within 15 mins.  Fast and Furious!!

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Do you have school spirit?
Do you want to build FPM’s reputation as a cool school with great sports?
Do you want to have fun while staying connected and learning useful real-life skills?
If so, then the Junior Booster Club is for you!!!

What is it?

It’s a brand-new club designed to help the Parents Booster Club raise money and do more to support FPM sports. Money raised goes toward things like state-of-the-art scoreboards, better equipment, a well-dressed mascot, working sound systems….things that help FPM teams win, make FPM look good, and generate positive school spirit that all students, teachers, and FPM families can enjoy. 

What do members do? 

Junior Booster Club members partner with Parent Booster Club members to operate ‘The Snack Shack’ and sell snacks, drinks and school merchandise during school events. In addition to selling, we’re looking for students who can help run all the business activities of the Parent Booster Club. 

What skills can members learn? 

Members will get involved in the following business activities:  

Budgeting and accounting
Purchasing and inventory
Quality control
Organizing and selling
Public relations and social media 

Email for more information:
Ms D’Ammassa: gd'[email protected]
Christine Kozak: [email protected]

Snack Shack Spring Grand Opening
Free Hot Chocolate for all!

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Junior Boosters @ the Escape Room!