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Pay now with your annual donation of $25.00 with the PayPal link below or by printing and filling out the membership form below.  Mail it with a check written out to
"FPM Athletic Booster Club"
Mail to:
FPM Booster Club
c/o Christine Kozak
2 Elder Place
Floral Park, NY 11001
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New This Year!

Order your family banner to support FPM Athletics!

Banners are 3X2 feet printed on weatherproof vinyl material.  You decide where your banner is hung…the big field, the softball field, the baseball field or in the gym.  With a Booster Club Membership the banners are $50. 

****With each Banner purchase you get a free Floral Park Knights car magnet. 

The Booster Club is a parent volunteer organization, registered as a non-profit corporation, that raises funds to help the Athletic Department offset expenses that are not covered by the district.  
Our goal is to lift the FPM brand by helping the Athletic Department put out a product we can all be proud of and enjoy.

We raise funds through membership dues, by selling refreshments and FPM branded merchandise, and by sponsoring several pop-up fund raisers during the school year.  

The Boosters work closely with the Athletic Director and the coaches to identify areas of need. We’re an equal opportunity supporter. We make a point to connect with all the teams at FPM. 

Booster Love 2018/2019

See below for a list of some of the things The Booster Club  was able to accomplish with your membership donations and your support last year alone:

This academic year the Booster Club has supported the following initiatives:

  • Tournament fees for all varsity sports
  • A windscreen for the softball field
  • A cargo container at ATS for baseball and lacrosse storage
  • Engraved bricks at Booster Park
  • A second brick patio
  • Umbrellas and embellishments at both brick patios.
  • Pre and post-playoff meals for the athletes
  • Purchase of athletic journal ads and awards dinner tickets 
  • Gateway ads for homecoming
  • Varsity Media game films for varsity sports for training and college highlight films
  • A new groundskeeping plow to condition the girls’ softball field
  • New air conditioners and associated construction to support ‘a cooler’ weight room
  • A new high jump pit for the track team (a high jump pit comprises the landing pad, the standards and crossbar)
  • Permanent power was provided at the backstop at the baseball field at ATS to operate the outfield scoreboard

We hope you’ll join the Booster Club to help us help our athletes. 
Please call Christine Kozak at 516 424-1833 or Matt Ollen at 212 495-9499 for more information. 

The FPM Athletic Booster Club meets monthly in the Principals Conference room at 6:30
(prior to all PTSA meetings)

2018/19 Meeting Dates:
September 25
October 15
November 12
January 14
February 11
March 10
April 21
May 12​

If you would like to speak at a Booster Club Meeting or have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Contact Us

2019/20 Member List

Coach Abbott
Alvarado Family
Ashbahian Family
Avigliano Family
Bardales Family
Barry Family
Battista Family
​Bautista Family
Becker Family
Birmingham Family
Black Family
Boehler Family
Coach Boyle
Boyle Family
Browne Family
Burke Family
Ms. Butt
Buonocore Family
Buzzeo Family
Ms. Campagna
Cannon Family
Cardella Family
Carey Family
Cataldo Family
Chatterton Family
Cherpelis Family
Chery Family
Choukry Family
Cleere Family
Comerford Family
Compono Family
Conboy Family
Connolly Family
Cotsalas Family
Cunningham Family
Craig Family
Ms. D'Ammassa
Deegan Family
DeLuca Family
DiGuglielmo Family
Dillon Family
Ditchev Family
Dimaggio Family
DiMeo Family
Donohue Family
Mr. Doreson
Doxey Family
Mrs. Dreyer
Driscoll Family
Eckert Family
Espinel Family
Erster Family
Ms. Falcone
Ferguson Family
Fernandez Family
Ferone Family
Filoso Family
Finucane Family
Fitzpatrick Family
Florkowski Family
Coach Fitzpatrick
Freely Family
Coach Freiermuth
Coach Funk
Galla Family
Mr. Glatzer
Gnezda Family
Goldberg Family
Gorman Family
Gray Family
Greiner Family
Guzman Family
Hagan Family
Hamerman Family
Harkins Family
Hayes Family
Hearne Family
Mrs. Hecht
Hipolito Family
Hodgson Family
Huang/Chen Family
Mrs. Iaquinta
Imbornoni Family
Jounakos Family
Kane Family
Kelleher Family
Kelly Family
Kelly Family
Kenney Family
Khan Family

Kilcarr Family
King Family
Klein Family
Kline Family
Kozak Family
Krapf Family
Kuntz Family
Lacey Family
Lauletta Family
LeBlanc Family
Lee Family
Libonati Family
Lo Family
Locasto Family
​Lubicich Family
Ms. Mamo
Magyar Family
Mancz Family
Manning Family
Masciangelo Family
Matich Family
McElligott Family
McGrath Family
McKay Family
McKie Family
McLoughlin Family
McVeigh Family
Meegan Family
Meighan Family
Micyk Family
Moore Family
Moran Family
Mullen Family
Mrs. Naples
Naronis Family
Neuscheler Family
Nieves Family
Noto Family
Ms. Ochoa
O'Hagan Family
O'Hara Family
O'Hare Family
O'Neill Family
O'Reilly Family
Ollen Family
Owen Family
Palmer Family
Parise Family
Patalano Family
Pellettieri Family
Pickman Family
Coach Pickett
Pinsdorf Family
Coach Pokojny
Power Family
Quinlan Family
Ms. Randazzi
Rankin Family
Reid Family
Reilly Family
Mr. Renner
Mr. Ricoy
Ring Family
Robb Family
Rojas Family
Rowe Family
Russell Family
Sanchez Family
Sangenito Family
Sarcona Family
Savignano Family
Savino Family
Schlecter Family
Segota Family
Shalvey Family
Skrezyna Family
Smith Family
Sommo Family
Spitaletta Family
Spitz Family
Stabinsky Family
Stone Family
Mr. Sullivan
Tall Family
Tam Family
Mr. & Mrs. Teemsma
Tom Family
Vargas Family
Velasco Family
Venus Family
Walsh Family
Xikes Family
Young Family
Zachariah Family
Zacharis Family​​

2018/19 Member List

Ms. Abbott
Adomarts Family
Altobelli Family
Azizo Family
Becker Family
Birmingham Family
Blatz Family
Boehler Family
​Buonocore Family
Boyle Family
Bressmer Family
Mr. Brink
Brosnan Family
Brown Family
Brusca Family
Buzzeo Family
Cal Family
Camuglia Family
Cannon Family
Carey Family
Catterson Family
Chan Family
Cherpelis Family
Choukry Family
Ciavarella Family
Clune Family
Shireem Cobb
Cole Family
Connolly Family
Corcoran Family
Cotsalas Family
Coach Browley
DeLuca Family
Diaz Family
Diguglielmo Family
Dillon Family
DiMaggio Family
Mr. Dorson
Driscoll Family
Eckert Family
English Family
Erster Family
Espinel Family
Felicetti Family
Ferguson Family
Fernandez Family
Ferone Family
Ferrante Family
Filoso Family
Finucane Family
Fitzpatrick Family
Ms. Fitzpatrick
Florkowski Family
Fogarty Family
Fonseca Family
Foy Family
Ms. Friermuth
Freely Family
Funk Family
​Coach Gallina
Garry Family
Gilbert Family
Gliszezynski Family
Goldberg Family
Gorham Family
Hamerman Family
Harkins Family
Haslbauer Family
Hearne Family
Mrs. Hecht
Hehir Family
Hill Family
Hipolito Family
Hodgson Family
Huber Family
Mrs. Iaquinta
Imbornoni Family

Jounakos Family
Kelleher Family
Coach Kelly
Kelly Family
M. Kelly Family
Killcarr Family
King Family
Klein Family
Kozak Family
Lacey Family
Lauletta Family
Leary Family
LoCasto Family
Lubicich Family
Maggio Family
Magyar Family
Mancz Family
Marmorowski Family
Matich Family
McElligott Family
McGrath Family
McInnis Family
McKie Family
McLoughlin Family
Micyk Family
Moore Family
Ms. Mosie
Naples Family
Narine Family
Naronis Family
Nolan Family
Noone Family
Nugent Family
Coach Obloj
O'Connor Family
O'Donnell Family
O'Hare Family
O'Sullivan Family
Ollen Family
Orellana Family
Palma Family
Palmer Family
Paprocky Family
Patalano Family
Mr. Pickett
Pinsdorf Family
Mr. Pokojny
Matt Povolny
Power Family
Rasquin Family
Reaner Family
Redmond Family
Reilly Family
Renz/Elia Family
Ring Family
Rojas Family
Rowe Family
Rudzewick Family
Russell Family
Saloth Family
Savignano Family
Sanchez Family
Sarcona Family
Scarapicchia Family
Schlecter Family
Sciabica Family
Simunovich Family
Skrezyna Family
Sommo Family
Coach Spano
Stabinsky Family
Mike Spina
Spinner Family
Spitz Family
Sullivan Family
Tall Family
Thomas Family
Turck Family
Varner Family
Ventura Family
Venus Family
Vij Family
Walsh Family
Zarari Family

Christine Kozak

Matt Ollen